The rules  of participation in the conference provides for the following provisions.

 1. To participate in conference, you must register on the site.  One participant may be the author or co-author of no more than two sectional reports.

 2. The conference regulations presuppose the issuance of short texts of reports (3 pages) and full texts of reports ( 7-12 pages), as well as full texts of reports   in IEEE (Scopus) (3-5 pages.).  

 3. The conference allows for the presentation of the results of the work of research teams.  The theses set out the general themes and scientific and practical results obtained in the long term.  The report is devoted to the presentation of a large-scale project based on the theoretical results obtained.  Of particular interest in the discussion in plenary and breakout sessions are new breakthrough solutions (methods, models and software) that have been implemented in the development of the project.  The conference makes a recommendation for the publication of relevant materials on these solutions in the journals "Automation and Remote Control", "Control Sciences", ASSA (Advances in Systems Science and Applications), as well as for inclusion in the IEEE electronic library.

 4. At the registration of texts that do not correspond to the required template, the material is not returned and is not taken into consideration.

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